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Your children will enter public school in Toulouse? Learn here about the reception facilities and supervision after school, which is set up by the City of Toulouse in addition to information regarding the canteen and only interactive file.

It all begins at school. From learning the fundaments of knowledge to learning how to live together, our young citizens' equilibrium and development are the issues at stake here, and, by extension, the future of our whole society.

To provide this essential life assets and prepare for the future, the City of Toulouse has implemented a multiannual plan to renovate all its schools. It has also secured the future of after-school activity and supervision facilities so as not to allow situations or feelings of inequality to emerge. It continues to expand the number of places available in crèches for the well being of infants and their parents.

The City of Toulouse has developed a free cultural itinerary for the young public: a way of supporting the initiatives of teachers and appealing to the curiosity of Toulouse youth from a very young age !


- The study group
- School-affiliated childcare centres (CLAEs)
- School support

After school childcare support

There are three different kinds of childcare support for after school time. The City of Toulouse proposes three childcare solutions.

The study group

This solution enables children to do homework at school in groups of a maximum of 14 children, in a suitable room, guided by a willing teacher or designated adult.
The study group starts 30 minutes after school time. Each session lasts 30 minutes. Children may attend on a regular basis or occasionally. A free workshop, which is a variation of the study group, enables children to do their homework on their own under the surveillance of a designated adult. 13,000 children benefitted from this support in 2012.
This service is free of charge for families.
Contact the school head or the school-affiliated childcare centre (CLAE).
The CLAE organisers take enrolments at the beginning of the school year.

School-affiliated childcare centres (CLAEs)

The mission of the school-affiliated childcare centres, or CLAEs, is to ensure good quality before and after school- time childcare by proposing activities and actions that encourage children's cultural and social development as well as their sense of civic responsibility. More than 27,000 pupils are enrolled at the CLAEs (school-affiliated childcare centres).
They open their doors from 7:30 in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evenings after class until 18:30. A financial contribution based on earnings and family composition is requested.
For more information, contact your child's school.

 School support

The Local School Support Contract (Contrat Local d'Accompagnement à la Scolarité - CLAS) covers any action deemed necessary for children to succeed in their school career. These actions focus on finishing their homework, support in regularity and organisation of personal work, methods acquisition, civic responsibility, raising-awareness on cultural issues, etc. These local school support actions are carried out by associations, social centres and the city of Toulouse (Social Development division).
For children and adolescents, in groups of 4.
Free of charge for families

For further information on services proposed, feel free to contact the following main municipal offices

Atelier étude et Claé
Direction de l'Éducation 1, rue Sébastopol
Tél.: 05 61 22 28 27

Direction du Développement Social 30 bis, rue Valade - 31000 Toulouse
Tél.: 05 61 22 21 58

The one-stop interactive form (Dossier unique Interactif)

Do you wish to enrol your child in a children's daycare centre, a school canteen or a sports course ? Do you wish to join a social or cultural group or workshop ? The one-stop interactive file is the place to start !






This form is designed to centralise in one go information about your family to simplify administrative procedures and facilitate your future enrolments with services concerning early childcare (Early childhood divisions – City Hall CCAS), education, children, leisure, social and cultural events, sports and social development.
- To calculate the price applicable to each activity according to your income.
- To save time when registering for different activities

Which municipal activities are concerned ?
The one-stop interactive form covers many different municipal activities :

  • Family or collective crèche, daycare or multi-care,
  • School-affiliated childcare (Clae), outdoors trips and city trips
  • School canteen
  • Leisure centres, vacation packages, "toys places"
  • Sports classes, swimming pools
  • Cultural workshops
  • Youth groups gathering

The one-stop interactive form (DUI) and individual card are available for download from and is also available at the following places :
- District town halls
- Family Info bureau in the Capitole
- Early childhood or social and cultural centres
- Compans-Caffarelli reception office (1, rue Sébastopol)

When should you update your DUI ?
Within the last three months, your data update can be done electronically via the Toulouse city hall website.

Art Passport

The Art Passport is an educational, artistic and cultural tool available for teachers, nursery and primary school children. Enjoyed by 15,000 students. The purpose is to expose everyone to various cultures.
In schools, every teacher makes three requests and at least one of them must be for a municipal cultural structure.
Pupils taking part receive a "passport" that serves as a travel log of their cultural "journeys" throughout the school year.

A rich and varied offering
Museums, artistic teaching establishments, libraries, cultural centres, associations and companies - more than forty institutions contribute to the project that covers different cultural themes : heritage sites, visual and fine arts, performing arts, music, scientific and technical culture, books and public readings. Raising awareness among pupils as well as education and showing appropriation through amateur practice have been greatly favoured.

Free and fair
Fairness and gratuity underpin the project whose actions are spread equitably throughout the area. Preconditions prevent economic discriminations and disparities in cultural facilities from district to district.
This project underlines the city's determination to offer future citizens an educational approach to autonomy, responsibility and socialisation.


School canteen


School restaurant enrolment
All nursery and primary schools provide a school restaurant for children enrolled in their establishment. Payment is made on a monthly basis with the possibility of selecting days and regularity. Families may benefit from a discount depending on income. Enrolments are made with the municipal assistant in charge of payments for each school. Monthly menus are available on

For further information :
Service des Affaires scolaires,
Tel. : 05 61 22 33 44


NB : Before making a canteen enrolment, you must complete the onestop interactive form (Dossier unique Interactif - DUI) beforehand.

Starting of fall 2013,  it will be possible to reserve meals and pay for the canteen on-line. To use this on-line payment system, all you need to do is sign up or create your Dossier unique Interactif (one-stop interactive form).

My canteen is organic and the food is good !
Organic food started to appear on the plates of 25,000 Toulouse school children in 2008 in one meal per week. This is part of a drive to provide fresh, local and seasonal food products. Organically farmed bread, fruit, yogurts, fresh pasta and butter are included in the menus of 25,000 meals served every day by the City of Toulouse in canteens. One child in two in Toulouse who eats at the school canteen consumes the equivalent of one organic meal a week. Now all that remains to be done is to adapt organic food production to the scale of consumption. Supply and public contracts policies are therefore reworked to develop the whole regional farming sector in coordination with partners (Chamber of agriculture, Midi-Pyrenees).

Taste Week
During Taste Week, the City of Toulouse invited two top chefs to concoct menus for the children of Toulouse. In fact to celebrate the week, Marc Gineste, at the Pic Saint-Loup, Jérémy Morin, from Le Metropolitan and Stéphane Tournié of The Jardins de l'opéra, worked with central kitchen teams to cook up meals for the Toulouse school children.

To find out more
Find all the canteen menus on the «restauration scolaire» page on
Consult the Taste Week programme on

Gourmet menus
As part of Taste Week, the central kitchen proposes a gourmet menu on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The meal is dreamt up and prepared by our chefs.

Food requirements for different age groups
At the begin of the 2011/2012 school term, the central kitchen began adapting portions to children's age groups. This measure enables children to benefit from appropriate nutritional intake and to fight against child obesity.
To find out about quantities recommended by the state food policy, download the presentation brochure from


Children's municipal council

This council is intended for children of Toulouse enrolled in the last three years of primary school. This project was launched to enable young people to learn about and take part in city life.

Each council is composed of children from age 3* (CM1) elected by their peers from age 4, age 5 and age 6 (respectively CE2, CM1, CM2) from their school, with one delegate and one replacement delegate per school. The municipal councillors are elected for a period of two years. Work is carried out in sector council sessions (once or twice a month) and in a plenary session in the municipal council hall at the Capitole (3 times during the mandate).

Further information : for all you need to know about the children's municipal council, download the young municipal councillor guide.
For more information in french, click here.

Contact : Tél : 05 61 22 22 07